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We Like the Whole of 3/3rds

Having grew up in Seattle, we take our coffee and cafes very seriously. At the suggestion of a friend, we visited 3/3rds and are so glad we did.

3/3rds is truly a neighborhood gem. You would never know that such a place exists by walking around in the area. This is because it’s located at the top floor (22nd) of one of the many industrial buildings in the hip Wong Chuk Hang (where Manks is located), thought it’s conveniently right next to One Island South.

What we love most about it is it’s a family affair; it’s started by two brothers and their sister is also now a part of the team – all of whom were working at the cafe behind the counter the day we were there. You’ve got to love that as there’s no better gauge of a great place than owners who are fully involved and engaged with their customers. The energy is also down to earth and you get the sense that it’s a place that’s comfortable with who they are. 

As for the food, the emphasis is on casual healthy comfort foods. There were 5 soups to choose from the day we were there. And no, they’re not your usual tomato soup or clam chowder (yes it’s hard to find a place with good soups in Hong Kong!). We tried the fish stew, which is one of the most popular soups we were told.

The salads were very fresh – we got the wild rice salad, and had it mixed in with broccoli, roasted aubergine – and something we’d definitely go back for. The pizzas are very thin-crusted and light – we tried both the margherita and chorizo, and preferred the latter.

The highlight was the ox tongue with eggs and hollandaise sauce on a bed of hash browns – love how the ingredients work together but don’t leave you feeling greasy.

The café is self-service with self-seating. There’s communal seating and tables to the side facing the large windows while the kitchen faces the other side. It has a laid-back quality that is perfect for spending a few hours at on the weekend. Definitely worth the elevator ride up!


You can find 3/3rds at:
Unit D, 22/F, Yally Industrial Building, 6 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong




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We’re in Sassy Scoop – Giftwell has Your Valentine’s Day Presents Sorted!

Love is in the air! See what we have in store for you!

Sassy Scoop: Giftwell has your Valentine’s Day presents sorted!

We’ve given you the scoop on Giftwell at Sassy already here – but with yet more gift giving on the horizon forValentine’s Day, they’ve come up with loads of special ideas and cute present solutions to take the tacky out of February 14th!

Who wants giant fluffy teddy bears and boring bouquets of roses on their doorstep? Instead, how about getting your other half something they’ll truly remember – an experience you can enjoy together, a handpicked gift that is anything but ordinary, a special something that really stands out?

Valentine’s presents from Giftwell are a whole lot more stylish and unique than your usual hearts-and-flowers combo; packaged in chic red and with special gift voucher amounts like $520 (which sounds like “I love you” in Mandarin) and $1,314 (which means “forever” in Chinese) available, you can kiss that dreaded cheese factor goodbye! Saying “I love you” in numbers as well as words? Totally cute!

The Couple’s Gift Card Set is a totally sweet idea for the big day – a limited edition set with two gift cards inside! You and your lovely can either use one each at two different shops or restaurants of your choice (and what better gift for someone than one you can also use yourself, right?!), or it can be enjoyed as an ultra-special set for your loved one to enjoy all to themselves (think pampering spa day followed by slap-up meal in Soho… sounds good to us!).

Giftwell can also tailor-make the gift cards to be a specific amount of your choice – an anniversary date, an important year, a lucky number…  that special something that will make your significant other smile! Just email and they’ll take care of it all for you.

In need of a little present inspiration? How many a personal lingerie shopping experience at Sheer, pampering mani-pedis at urban spa Flawless or sweet treats from 126 Grammes for the girls? Or an uber luxe shave atGentleman’s Tonic, a hearty Sunday roast at The Pawn or a boy’s toy shopping spree at G.O.D. for the gents? Time to start dropping hints! (And don’t forget to check out Giftwell’s full set of vendors here for more places to catch your eye.)

So take gifting up a notch this Valentine’s Day with Giftwell – it’s time to spread the love!

Take a look at the full article on Sassy:


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New Season, New Gift Ideas

It's Spring! With the new season, we are unveiling two new gift card sets - and just in time for our anniversary!

For a limited time, two special edition gift card sets – a Best of Hong Kong and a Foodie Gift Card set – are here to help take your Spring gifting up a notch. Spoil your lucky recipients with these one-of-a-kind gifts at the shops and restaurants they know and love, as well as a chance to explore the insiders and foodies favorites. The perfect gift for any occasion!

Our One-of-a-Kind Foodie Gift Card Set:

    • Surprise your loved ones and family with a night out to a hip restaurant each and every month for 3 months to up to a year!
    • The gift card they will receive will be a complete surprise to them, until the gift card reaches their door or inbox.
    • A different restaurant each month to take them out of their usual restaurants and neighborhoods (or comfort zone!) for a chance to explore the new and the exciting, one restaurant at a time.
    • Perfect for foodies and inner foodies to embark on a culinary journey.
    • They’ll be waiting for their gift each month like it’s Christmas morning all over again!

Our exclusive Best of Hong Kong Gift Card Set:

    • A set of three gift cards customized to your recipient’s personality – such as the fashionista, the hipster, the well-heeled, or the workaholic.
    • Because all good things come in threes!
    • We will pick the shops and restaurants based on the personality you have selected for your lucky recipient. For example, Kapok / The Pawn / G.O.D. for the hipster, and a bit of pampering at 10/10 Space and Flawless, followed by a relaxing dinner at Spasso for the workaholic.
    • Or if you prefer, you can pick out the shops yourself. The possibilities are limitless!

Pre-order now by emailing us at or contacting our Customer Service team at +852-8199-9827 Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 am to 6 pm HKT.
 Need recommendations or suggestions on our community of 40 handpicked restaurants or shops? Just email us and you’ll have the insider’s view!





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Mama Style: Valerie Chow of Mama Kid On Her 10 Picks for Mother’s Day

Valerie is a trailblazer across the fashion, retail, and culture scene in Hong Kong. From her days as an actress and model, to her career in luxury retail, and now a mother and entrepreneur, Valerie is someone who has reinvented herself time and time again. She's also the definition of a multi-tasking mom. For Mother's Day, we can't think of anyone we'd like to interview more!

Read on to find out what she loves most about running Mama Kid, on embracing ‘deconstruction and ruin,’ the best advice she’s gotten from her mother, and what’s topping her Mother’s Day wish list.

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to see her 10 gift picks worthy of the most stylish wish lists for all the moms in your life – all of us out there still without a gift can breathe that sigh of relief now!

1. How did the idea for Mama Kid come about?  Was this something you’ve wanted to do for a long time? 

I love retail and had such an urge to create a retail space / concept of my own. I chose the children’s category as, at the time, I felt this category had a lot of room for improvement in Hong Kong specific to the shopping environment, merchandise selection, and overall offer.

Once I was ready, I left the company I loved working for and celebrated my store opening twelve months later. It all came together pretty fast.

2. What’s a mama kid? How has the concept evolved from the opening day?

Mama Kid is a store for the most important people in the world – that is what we tell our clients and sales team. Although we specialize in designer apparel for children, I think that there is an air of irreverence to the store; we take care that the display and collections are never presented in a way that is too precious or fancy. 

I often hear clients getting nervous over their fear of kids ‘ruining’ a lovely ensemble. But I believe that we should embrace the deconstruction and ruin. It is fantastic to have each child make what they wear uniquely theirs. I love seeing kids with holes and woolly knobs on their designer cardigans; I adore ‘party’ dresses paired with high tops; stains are fantastic – that’s what patches are for if they really are a bother!

Our store locations may have evolved in the last few years, however, our philosophy remains the same.

3. What have been some of the unexpected surprises that’s come up along the way since starting Mama Kid?

I am not trying to be annoying here but I had anticipated pretty much every wonderful and not-so-wonderful event since our opening. I am quite paranoid by nature so I am a defensive driver in terms of how the business operates.

4. What is your favorite part about running Mama Kid?

The sales team and my colleague, Kirstin. I love hearing them tell me about their husbands, kids, boyfriends, gossip. I enjoy the interaction very much. I also enjoy stepping away from the business from time to time to see how well the stores manage on their own. I could talk shop and tinker with the merchandise all day, every day, but thankfully, I know when to press the ‘off’ button. It’s all fun. I love managing Mama Kid.

5. The children’s wear retail landscape has changed quite a bit over the years in Hong Kong. What is next?

Good question. WHAT IS NEXT? I think whatever the next initiative is has got to be exciting and unique. I think about this question all the time as the category / market is far from mature.

6. What are your favorite items in the store right now?

I love the Pom d’Api gladiator sandals and 10is velcro sneakers. They are really amazing. For girls, the Bonton collection we have is outstanding and for boys, I love the tees and drawstring cut-off shorts from Finger In The Nose.

7. What do you look for when you’re looking to add a brand or product?

How the brand would fit with the other collections we have in the store and whether I ‘get it’. I don’t necessarily need to love the new collection per se, but I need to feel that a client of ours would appreciate the product.

Therefore, something new I bring into the fold would not necessarily be based on aesthetics alone. I have based decisions on price in the past. Both concerns are important to me.

8. A piece of business advice that’s you’ve carried with you through the years?

Maintaining the margin. Every now and then, there are comments from shoppers about how items are less expensive in Europe or wherever. What these shoppers tend to forget is that our stores operate on some of, if not, the most expensive real estate in the world. Furthermore, pretty much everything is imported.

I am very protective of my margin. Other than the seasonal sale, I do not believe in discount promotions of any sort during the regular season. And I have a great mistrust of retailers who think otherwise.

9. What are your Mother’s Day plans this year? Are there any special Mother’s Day rituals in your family?

No solid plans yet and definitely no rituals. Well, maybe ‘lunch’ is a ritual – although nowhere in particular. We used to do buffets back in the 70’s and 80’s. And yes, I used to do flowers. Since then, we have lived in different cities for so many years.

This year, I think we will take my mom and dad to Cafe Gray at The Upper House for brunch. And yes, I might revisit the flower thing.

10. What would you like to receive on Mother’s Day?

A handmade card from my daughter and a humorous store-bought card from my husband.  

11. What do you admire most about your mother? What’s the best piece of advice your mother has given you?

I admire my mom’s sense of style and her character. My mother is so loving and has always been my biggest fan. She really thinks I can do anything – even now.

As for best advice – she always reminds me to hold back from giving my daughter the ‘best’ and to put myself first in many situations. Her logic is that kids are often too young to appreciate the effort, quality, and quantity that have been offered them … Make them work for it. 

12. Has your style changed since becoming a mother?

I wear more jeans and sneakers. Yes, I have succumbed to being a creature of comfort. However, I am careful not to wear certain jeans nor be satisfied with certain sneakers.

13.  A favorite hidden gem in Hong Kong?

Ming Yuen at Hong Kong Parkview. It’s one of the best places serving Cantonese cuisine in the city.

14. What is the art of gifting to you?

A gift that is heartfelt, considered, and uniquely presented.

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Here are Valerie’s 10 picks:


1.  “My Mom, Style Icon” book by Piper Weiss (available at Mama Kid). 
2.  Diorissimo handbag.
3.  Swarovski x Maison Martin Margiela ring.  
4.   Thierry Lasry sunglasses.
5.  One of the new ‘Mama’ tote bags (available at Mama Kid).
6.  Any top from the Sacai Spring Summer 2014 collection.
7.  Ipad Air.
8.  A bundle of Shu Uemura skin care products and gift sets.
9.  A subscription to “Conde Nast Traveller.”
10.  A bouquet of peonies and roses.


Shop MAMA KID gift cards at 

Visit MAMA KID in person: 




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Mama Mia!

Mother's Day is just six days away! We've scoured Hong Kong to bring you the most exciting, remarkable shops and restaurants that matter. These are shops that would make anyone swoon. Do it for the next-day delivery, get serious brownie points with mom for the good taste!








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Thanks for the Love Sassy Girls!

We're in the Sassy's Guide to Father’s Day! Father knows best, so why not let him choose with a Giftwell gift card.

Sassy’s Guide to Father’s Day 2014

We can’t help but feel that sometimes our mums lap up all the attention and our poor, long-suffering papassometimes get a little overlooked. Father’s Day is a special day for us to spend with the leading man in our lives (we’ll leave it to you to apologise to your boyfriend for that remark!). Not only is it an excuse to go shopping, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to throw the detox out the window, down a couple of pints and gorge on a seafood platter… All in the name of fatherhood, of course!

To show our appreciation for the papas in our lives, we’ve rounded up the best of Hong Kong’s Father’s Day gifts and events for 2014. See you on 15 June — we’ll probably be eating our body weight in BBQ treats! 


Grand Hyatt Steakhouse
Dads and steak go together like, erm, Dads and Steak! If mamas want daffodils, papas prefer a good ol’ hunk of meat to chow down on. The Grand Hyatt is onto this and is serving up special Father’s Day menus featuring large cuts of prime beef. Papas can also indulge in fancy cigars in the cigar room after they’ve been treated to a professional photo of the family over a meat-laden supper!

When: 15 June, dinner is from 6-10pm, the cigar room is open from 4pm-midnight
Where: Grand Hyatt, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

ToTTs & Roof Terrace
If you’ve got more of a lobster-loving dad on your hands, you might want to head up to ToTTS at The Excelsior where the champagne will be flowing, the sun should be shining (fingers crossed) and the lobster will be abundant! You’ll also get a free Polaroid picture of the family outing and unlimited champagne. Now that’s what we call a celebration!

When: 15 June, 11.30am-3pm
Where: ToTTs & Roof Terrace, The Excelsior, 281 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
How much: $748 with unlimited champagne, $588 with unlimited soft drinks and juices, $388 for kids


If you’ve got a beer-loving papa, then you might want to treat him to a cold one at Belgian beer house, Frites. They’ve taken it to the next level by infusing beer into their food in honour of Father’s Day! In particular, they’ve got a Leffe Flemish ale stew. Sounds delish! Prepare yourself for a hearty feast that will leave you and Dad feeling a full and maybe a little tipsy!

When: 15 June
Where: Frites, Shop 6, 1/F Causeway Centre, 28 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong and G/F, Oxford House, Taikoo Place, 979 King’s Road, Island East, Hong Kong

For papas who love their Spanish tapas and the lush seafood that comes with it, Tapeo has got a dish with magical Estrella cerveza broth of chilli and fennel, infused with saffron and a little Jamon Iberico. Mussels are added to the simmering amber liquid and are cooked until they just pop open. Beer, ham and seafood? You won’t be leaving Tapeo hungry!

When: 15 June
Where: Tapeo, UGF, Au’s Building, 15-19 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong and GA01-03, G/F, Lei King Wan, Site A, 55 Tai Hong Street, Hong Kong


Cocktails can have a masculine edge to them… it’s true! At Carpaccio, they’ll be serving a complimentary cocktail called the Greatest Father. What’s in it, you ask? White and dark rum, ginger beer, bitters and a freshly squeezed lime for a summery twist. Dads will also get a voucher from one of Sassy’s favourite spas, Sense of Touch. A drink and a bit of pampering? Go on, let dad indulge!

When: 15 June, brunch is served from 11.30am-3.30pm
Where: Carpaccio, Shop 307, 3rd Floor, iSQUARE, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
How much: Brunch is $228 per person. Alternatively, you can order from the a la carte menu.

Loyal Dining
Uniquely Hong Kong, Loyal Dining is a great place for some classic Canto cuisine. And for dads who are hankering for some fusion food, there’s a perfect set menu for a family of four, including baked escargots and deep-fried king prawns finished off with guitar pot puddings. This is a great one for a local Father’s Day!

When: 15 June
Where: Loyal Dining, 66 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
How much: $988 for four people.

The Butcher’s Club Southside Market Long Lunch
If your papa is a real steak aficionado, then you can’t get any better than The Butcher’s Club! With organic, dry-aged beef and plenty of other grub for dad to wolf down, their Southside Market Long Lunch is the ideal place for a casual, fun day out with your dad. There will also be live music as well as other food stalls popping up, and if the weather holds then this rooftop spot will be great for catching some rays on too!

When: 15 June
Where: The Butchers Club Deli at Editus, Factory Unit A+B, 16/F, Shui Ki Industrial Building, 18 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
How much: Tickets are $550, free entry for children under 12. Tickets are available here.

Beer and burgers, what more could dad want on Father’s Day? Sorted! With a special promotion at CaliBurger, dad will be sure to enjoy precisely those two things: a Gentleman’s Burger, which includes foie gras, and a Gentleman’s Shake, which includes some good old fashioned JD. What a way to finish off the weekend!

When: 15 June
Where: CaliBurger, G/F, 68 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
How much: Get 50% by liking on Facebook or Instagram (for dads with groups of three or more).


The Dark Knot

Ties are funny accessories, aren’t they? There’s nothing like a well-chosen tie to make a fella look dapper, but it can so easily go wrong. That’s why we are huge fans of the team at The Dark Knot who never set a foot wrong in this tricky garment department. We particularly like their Barnstable Crabs tie in Coral Pink. Just remember, real men wear pink, okay?

Where: Order online here
How much: From $348, with free delivery!

They say it’s really hard to get a gift for men: they’re (usually) far too simple and have very few wants from life. So if you’ve asked Dad over and over what he’d like to receive on Father’s Day, and he’s just given you the generic response of “I don’t mind”, a gift card might be your best bet. They’re practical and flexible enough, and puts the choice in Dad’s hands. You can get him one from Giftwell for restaurants, cafes, and lifestyle stores. Not sure what that random thing is in the corner of G.O.D? Dad knows, and he wants one!

Where: Order online here and Dad will receive his gift card the very next day.

J M Weston
We just love these Moccasin Loafers in Black from classic J M Weston! Classic with a twist, they’re a perfect way to spruce up your pa’s office gear. They’re just a little bit fun without being too out there (because there’s nothing worse than feeling like a right old clown when you pity wear a gift from a loved one).

Where: 31G, Hutchison House, 10 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong

Jack Wills
Good old Jack Wills, our favourite Father’s Day staple… we’re very taken with their SS’14 Aldgrove Print Polo in Navy Daisy. Men in navy? A fail-safe combination that keeps everyone happy. Jack Wills keeps the British Classics coming, just watch out you don’t do a gift repeat of last year – chances are, it was your go-to gift for Father’s Day 2013!

Where: Jack Wills flagship store, L02, Leighton Centre, 77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Edible Arrangements
Tutti fruity! Dad’s been on a health kick recently — he’s joined the gym, is looking trim and is avoiding scoffing a bacon sarnie each morning. Sounds familiar, right? Why not encourage him along with a bouquet from Edible Arrangements? They’re not flowers, per se, they’re a bouquet of beautifully carved fruit! Healthy and refreshing!

Where: Edible Arrangements, Shop 3012, ifc mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hong Kong; order online here.
How much: Fruit bouquets for dad start from $558

Crabtree & Evelyn
We know dads will never admit to curiously nosing through your mum’s smellies on the bathroom counter top, but we swear we’ve seen them do it! Why not give Dad his own set to use from Crabtree & Evelyn, such as the West Indian Lime Men’s Body Care Set? It’s got a body wash and a cologne that smells summery and fragrant!

When: Available until 22 June
Where: Any of Crabtree & Evelyn’s many stores – find your nearest one here.
How much: Gift sets are $495

Lala Curio
If you’re after something a little more sophisticated and mysterious, Lala Curio has the answer. They’ve curated some seriously stylish Father’s Day gift bags for the dad with discerning tastes. The whole collection is smokey and sultry, including items like a Stainless Steel Drinks Tray and Saddle Leather Stitch Handles. It’s not cheap, but it’s ideal for the man who enjoys quality over quantity. It comes beautifully wrapped and is certainly a gift that packs a rather elegant punch.

Where: Lala Curio, G/F, 1 Sau Wa Fong, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Check out the full story on Sassy:


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Treat Dad Right!

Father's Day is quickly approaching! How about taking the celebration from just one day to every month with our exclusive Foodie Gift Card Subscription to take dad on a culinary journey through Hong Kong - one restaurant at a time.

We’ll deliver a gift card every month directly to his door to take him to his favorite spots as well as those outside of his usual restaurants and neighborhoods (or comfort zone!) for a chance to explore the new and the exciting.  

And he will be thinking of you each time he receives and uses the card. We can even have it delivered on Sunday just in time : ) Happy Father’s Day!

Order our exclusive Foodie Gift Card Subscription here:







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The Gifted Life – Get Personal with The Coffee Academics

Welcome to The Gifted Life, where Giftwell follows the trends in gifting from the streets to the big league. Forget dainty ribbons and pedestrian gift wrap, these trends take all things gifting to a whole new dimension.

A trend we’ve become really excited about is the personalization and customization of gifts. Smythson has been doing this for years with the engraving of your initials on its notebooks. The same with Anya Hindmarch, who has been in the game of personalizing diaries, wallets, phone cases since her early days. But personalization has become much more democratic and accessible. You can find it in many more products and across a much wider price range – it’s no longer limited to just the very high end or just accessories.  

In Tokyo’s Isetan department store a few weeks ago, you can have your initials sewed on limited edition LL Bean bags from the US. At Henri Bendel in New York City, artisans engraved initials, dates and phrases to your specification on key fobs, wallets, and luggage tags for Mother’s Day. Special mentions go to Nike where you can customize your sneakers with just a few clicks. And with our very own Giftwell gift cards, customization is at the core of what we are about – gift amounts can be personalized, a handwritten note comes with each of our chic gift box, hand delivery also adds that personal touch in our digital age.

The way customization is happening is also taking a creative spin. Just last month, The Coffee Academics introduced the ultimate in customization by letting you make your own coffee blend created to your exact taste and liking. We were lucky enough to sit down with Jennifer Liu, the founder behind The Coffee Academics, to get the scoop behind this very cool launch. 

1)   What was the idea and inspiration behind the custom coffee blend?

We were inspired to create the Custom Blend so that our customers can have their own ultimate expression of individuality. We also see this as the ultimate luxury as there’s nothing more luxurious than something that is made just for you. And there’s no better way to do that than through something that we enjoy every day, like coffee.

2)   What made you decide to do this now

This has always been a passion project for us. We see the Custom Blend as a great gift-giving idea. We wanted to do something that’s different and out-of-the-box. Everything on the Custom Blend is personalized – from the questionnaire the customer fills out, to how our Master Roaster interprets the answers, to the consultation where you get to pick one of the three blends that our Master Roaster comes up with, to the photo that’s used on the packaging. Every part of this gift includes a personal touch.

3)   How different can one custom blend taste compared to another custom blend?

Quite significantly. Coffee is multifaceted in the sense that even a mild adjustment in the roast level, blend ratio or brewing method can affect its flavor profile dramatically.

4) What’s in your custom blend?

The JWF Blend that was created for me is made of highly prized peaberry beans from Nyeri, Kenya. The peaberry varietal was included to reflect my love for traveling and exploring. I also think the exotic, fruity and earthy characters of the JWF Blend represent the global, refined and innovative vision behind The Coffee Academics. 

5) Tell us about the Hong Kong Blend that you’ve created as part of the Custom Blend? How does it taste?

We’re very proud of our custom Hong Kong Blend. We surveyed local Hong Kongers to find what they like, and our Master Roaster created a fusion of 5 single origin beans – each with characteristics that reflect the nuances in taste preferences we found in the survey.

How does it taste? Hmmm….I would say it’s on the sweeter side as Hong Kongers tend to have a sweeter tooth. In technical terms, it is a mix of vibrant citrus and rich complexity balanced with a smooth chocolate finish.

6) What does personalization mean to you?

I think personalization is about the journey from start to finish in making the final product one-of-a-kind. Of course we value the uniqueness of the final product, but we also really value the process.

7) It’s easy to create a personalized experience online (e.g., product placements, ads are chosen based on your browsing history, geographic location), how can that be created offline?

In the last few years, self-expression through personalized items has become much more important. Whether it’s our mobile phones, computer screens, handbags or stationery – personalization makes everyone feel more special with a sense of individuality. 

8) Where are we in the coffee scene in Hong Kong? 

Hong Kong’s coffee scene has matured in the last couple years, which is fantastic to see. Our beloved beverage, coffee that is, now represents more than just the morning pick-me-up. Coffee is enjoyed at all times of the day and with every occasion. 

9) What is the art of gifting to you?

The art of gifting to us is more about witnessing the delight on the recipient’s face when the gift is presented. We love going the extra mile and thinking of every detail that would make our products an all-around awesome gift. It’s about an experience that can be enjoyed daily. 


Go ahead, send all your very important people their own Custom Blend from The Coffee Academics and have it delivered instantly, they will love you for it!