"Finding Giftwell was a fantastic surprise and browsing the carefully chosen stores was very interesting. I've been able to rely on a service where something chic and of value will be hand delivered. I'm looking forward to making use of this service again in the future and thank you for providing this exceptional service." - Kate in the UK.


"Wow, just got a message from Giftwell that my e-card was just opened. I think I’m more excited than the recipient is at the moment. Love what you’re doing." - Valerie in Hong Kong.


"It is so refreshing to get such a personal touch when shopping online. I will certainly use your service again and will be recommending it to others." - Caroline in the UK.


"My organizers and I are delighted with the packaging and confident our employees will be happy too. Will definitely keep Giftwell in mind for the future and all the best." - HSBC in Hong Kong.


"A wonderful service for people who don't live in Hong Kong and want to send gifts to friends and family living in Hong Kong. Will definitely be spreading the word!" - Teena in the US.


"We aren't at all familiar with the best restaurants and shops in Hong Kong so a "filtered" list was just what we needed." - Josh in the US.



Giftwell is the first in Hong Kong to bring the gift card practice to our city's most esteemed and exciting shops and restaurants.


Our philosophy is gifting well, made easy from wherever you are. 


Our customers trust our taste - our selection of shops and restaurants is carefully chosen and tightly curated so that gifting can be better, more convenient, and more thoughtful. And let's be honest, gifting should be fun and inspiring!


From the traditional gift card, we have modernized it with a chic, swoon-worthy, elegant packaging and an easy-to-use online platform with easy navigation so that you can send instant gifts in just three simple steps -

  • Select the Giftwell store and amount of your gift card,
  • Let us know where to send the gift to,
  • Sit back and let us take care of the rest!

Growing up in the US, we've always viewed gift cards as the best gift. They bring the ultimate practicality and flexibility to gifting by letting the recipient choose exactly what their heart desires. They ensure that the recipient will indeed love their gift. 


Gift cards are even more suitable for Hong Kong as returns, or exchanges, are generally not accepted. In the few cases where returns are allowed, they are governed by a short returns period and a cumbersome returns process.


Gift cards also relieve the awkwardness and unintended stress of shopping, gifting, and receiving these tokens of appreciation.


You can also introduce your loved ones to your favorite restaurants, the newest and the latest stores, or local favorites with a gift card. 


We're always looking for ways to improve our service. Please email us at customercare@giftwell.hk or write us HERE, we’d love to hear from you!