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Mama Knows Best: Reika Shetty of Mayarya Talks to Us This Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day is soon upon us, we take this opportunity to ask Reika Shetty, the founder and creative mind behind Mayarya - the latest addition to Giftwell and awesome maternity concept shop - to give us some tips for the mother, soon to be mother, and post baby mommies to celebrate all phases of motherhood.

1) How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year with your family?

My friends and I are planning to attend a workshop with our children and they will paint a mug with their drawings for us. My kids love to draw – keeping them engaged in a creative activity and ending up with a great memory as a gift, sounds fun. Since our children are still very young, my friends and I have decided to plan something for ourselves too. 

2) How will you be celebrating with your mom?

My mother lives in Tokyo so I will skype her on this day. I used to gift her coupons (“I owe you’s”) for shoulder massages by me when I was a school girl so whenever she wants me to give her a shoulder massage, she would hand me a coupon.  

This summer, to make up for the fact that I am not with her this Mother’s Day, I will invite her to a hot spring spa day with me. We can have some never-ending mother-daughter chats.  

3) What was the most memorable gift you have received for Mother’s Day?

A Mother’s Day card that my children created in school.

4) What would you thank your mother for?

I thank my mother for listening to my voice and believing in me. She has always been my best supporter and adviser in life.  

5) What would you want your kids to thank you for this Mother’s Day?

More than my kids thanking me, I really would like to thank my kids. They give me strength, confidence and motivation to become a better person every day. 

6) People tend to gift baby-related items for baby showers, what are some good gift ideas for moms? 

I would love to have some spa gift cards….I love to get pampered and who doesn’t?! I think all mothers deserve spa moments because that would energize them and the family needs happy moms.

These Timi & Leslie diaper bags do not look like typical diaper bags. This is something all new moms need everyday, and even the most stylish mothers will be pleased.

7) What are the 1-2 must haves for each stage of motherhood – the mother, soon to be mother, and post baby mommies? 

For the soon to be mother:

My feet were swollen during both pregnancies and every day, I could not wait to go home and massage my feet with foot balm from Erbaviva.

I wish I found this when I was pregnant! This tank from Blanqi has built-in belly and back support so without wearing a bulky support belt, this will do wonders!

For the post-baby mommies:

I still remember the day I came back home from the hospital and was met with a beautiful flower bouquet from Flannel Flowers at the door step. I was very nervous with my new life with my newborn baby but I felt happy and motivated looking at the flowers.

This cami and pant set from Belabumbum will be the staple wardrobe for all the new moms who need to rest at home with their newborn babies.

For the mother:

Whether you drink at the end of the day to wind down with your husband or it is the starting point when you invite friends over for the weekend, it is always great to gift a nice bottle of red wine.  

When I don’t know what to wear in the morning, I pull this wrap dress from Predict from my closet. It’s versatile (important for motherhood!) and ready for all occasions/seasons so it is definitely a must-have for all the busy moms in town. It also makes you feel feminine which is very important during chaotic phases of motherhood and reminds me not to wear tees and jeans all the time. 


A big thank you to Reika for taking the time to speak with us! For more on Mayarya, check them out here, or send a lucky someone a gift card to Mayarya.



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