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The Growhouse Revolution

Why did you want to start Growhouse?  I have been working in the content business for a very long time.  My major professional involvement included Disney, Time Warner and Dymocks.  Through such experience and exposure, I see the power of content.  It has been disheartening to see many bookstores gone.  What we do now is to stretch what a bookstore can do apart from selling books and merchandise; the decision is to extend into education retail. How did the concept of Growhouse come about?  I realise books, films and any good content can work wonders if we know how to master the craft of ...
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Your Modern Country in Hong Kong

Ivy described the philosophy of Fresca as "modern country" - a concept that is oh-so-refreshing for Hong Kong.  She wanted to create a feeling of community, a neighborhood hangout. The vibe is clean, wholesome, not hurried, and full of positive energy - not a surprise to hear that even the customers volunteer here!
The food is all vegetarian, obviously with a healthy bent full of natural herbs and spices that will surprise the palate - such as the very yummy bean paste tofu, gluten- free muffins; the soups are also very nice with a lovely, velvety texture, SANS cream! Many of the ...
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How to Write a Proper Thank You?

1. MAKE IT PERSONAL: - Be specific on the content. Make sure you don't sound like you're doing the dishes or merely performing a chore . . . people can tell. - Include the details - let them know that their preparations and care did not go unnoticed.

2. THINK OF ANOTHER WAY OF SAYING "THANKS": - If you can draw, illustrate your thanks and what you want to convey in pictures or sketches. You get the idea. It will also add that human touch in our digital age. - Just remember, everyone else will be saying the same thing and ...
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Ladies Who Publish – Meet Adele and Kate

Meet The Loop:
Adele Wong
Publisher and Co-Founder of The Loop
Birthday month: October Kate Springer
Editor-in-Chief of The Loop / Co-Founder
Birthday month: February 1. WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT PUBLISHING? WHAT EXCITES YOU ABOUT PUBLISHING? Adele - I love the idea of being able to share genuinely informative and entertaining content with an interested audience. When we get good reader feedback and see our stories being shared online, it makes everything worth it. Kate - I both love and hate that the publishing world is constantly evolving, offering new challenges and keeping us on our toes. But of course it’s hard to ...
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