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Relaxing Lunch at The Principal

We love the mango-mint juice – very refreshing and I bet can’t be found anywhere else in Hong Kong. We are also big fans of granola, so we started off with a yoghurt mixed with little pieces of granola that left us craving for more. One of the signature presentations is in these adorable homemade tin cans  - to pay tribute to Spain’s (where chef Jonay Armas is from) renown canned goods. For the main course, we tried the 63 degrees free-range eggs, which is a specialty here and definitely something you’d come back for. We would recommend allotting more ...
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Be Green, Support Local

Did you know that for every $1 spent in the US, $0.68 stays in the community vs. just $0.43 if spent at a global retailer. Money spent at local businesses also has a positive impact on the community of up to 5 times. Don’t you love walking into your neighborhood coffee shop or your favorite store and know the person behind the counter making your coffee or be able to have a conversation with the storeowner who’s bought everything in the shop? All of us know that Hong Kong has one of the most expensive rents in the world. Which ...
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Contemporary Living

Whether you need ideas for decorating or a complete redo of your home, Indigo Living is your one-stop shop. We love the very clean, modern loft-inspired Milan collection. This is also the only place you can find Thomas Paul New York, Bonnie and Neil cushions from Australia, and world-renowned British designer Kelly Hoppen furniture. We love their philosophy to make beautiful living accessible, to create homes that are comfortable, elegant, welcoming and with your own personal touch. The belief on living well also extends beyond the aesthetics – it is a state of mind and way of life that is ...
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126 Grammes

Our favorite is the vanilla (light and classic) but it’s hard not to try them all! There are also lots of delicious and beautiful cakes – the ones we’ve tried are the Paris-Brest and the Pralin, and both are seriously impressive. Everything is done with heart and passion and you can really taste that the best ingredients (flown in from France!) are used in everything. It’s a small shop but there’s a plenty of personality and no details are left to chance. It is this kind of passion that sets businesses apart. There are pastry shops popping up all over ...
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Giftwell Launch

We are so excited to officially launch Giftwell today. What is Giftwell you may ask? Here’s a quick rundown of what we’re about and why we think it’s such a new and exciting addition to the Hong Kong retail space. Growing up the US, we’ve always viewed gift cards as the best gifts – both giving and receiving them. When we moved back to Hong Kong, we were frustrated when we couldn’t find them readily available. We also found that most people saw gift cards as more convenience-type cards and not the user-friendly and desirable, exciting gifts that should have ...
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