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Taichung: Many Happy Returns

We have always meant to check out Taichung and we got our chance finally last month when we were invited to a weekend pow wow.  And we will definitely be back. Even our Taiwanese friends ask us in all seriousness why we like Taichung so much.  We think it is a bit obvious, don't you?  You mean besides the abundant sunshine, the short flight (under 2 hrs), the seriously good grub, the laid-back attitude, and the more humane pace and quality of life?  Taichung are all of the above and more from what we have seen and where we have been.  So here goes. IVETTE A ...
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Bangkok: Lessons in Experimentation

This year we have chosen Bangkok as our retreat destination and really splashed out on our big anniversary!  Yes, it has been 5 years since we first brought the gift card practice to our city’s most esteemed and exciting shops and restaurants. Therefore, it is not a surprise that we picked the Thai capital as it is, like our fair city, no stranger to anything that is new, fresh and exciting.  And, boy, are we impressed!  This is definitely the place to be if you want to take a pulse of what you are missing out on around the world.  From ...
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The Short and Sweet Guide to Saigon

It was our first time in Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon) albeit a short trip and boy were we pleasantly surprised! The city is quite hectic with scooters coming at you from every direction (look both ways!), but we can definitely see why this has become the new hub for startups. We met entrepreneurs from all over Asia as well as those well-traveled ones from Europe as well as the US who've made this their new home to work on their startups. The city seems to be in a constant state of flux with construction at every corner. Getting ...
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Postcards from Bali

Les Biches
A departure from the resort / beachwear focus of most of the boutiques (think modern Japanese avant-garde reminiscent of Yohji Yamamoto), Les Biches (means female deers) is a refreshing change where you can find a more edgy look that is also extremely wearable, but also make you stand out from the beach crowd. Canaan
A one-stop shop for all your souvenir needs and picking up something interesting and beautiful from the local brands along the way. Everything here is carefully filtered and expertly edited - you won't be able to find the goodies here anywhere else. We loved everything from ...
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Congrats, Class of 2017!

For the Teachers and Teaching Assistants:  You know who they are, these are the people you and your kids have daily contact with for most of the year. They are the ones your kids depend and count on on a daily basis. They give encouragement to your little ones' slightly wacky science project idea or come to their rescue when they've accidentally injured themselves during a baseball game. They are the constant supporters and cheerleaders. We suggest something Restorative and Therapeutic: Almost anyone can enjoy an hour-long hand and nail massage (perfect for the sports or arts teacher). Or a ...
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